Thursday, June 30, 2011

Maui Hawaii Sunset Posters

No Better Place to End the Day

Each day on Maui is a rendezvous with pure harmony. When the sun goes down, it teams with the sea, the mountains and the clouds to create magical sceneries of infinite colors. I don't know anybody who visited the Hawaiian islands without experiencing at least one of those special Maui moments.

Laying on the beach, watching the sun disappear below the horizon, is my favorite way to relax after a fantastic day in paradise. I cannot resist smiling, knowing how lucky I am to be there at this perfect moment.

Here are the first posters of my Maui Sunset Posters Series. Please note that I will add new posters on a regular basis. Bookmark this page and come back often. Or even better, subscribe to the Maui Newsletter to receive monthly additions straight to your mailbox. It's free.

Here Are the First 2 Posters of the Maui Hawaii Sunset Series

Maui Hawaii Sunset Poster 1

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Maui Hawaii Sunset Poster 2

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These posters are exclusive high-quality photographs intended to provide lasting memories of the beautiful island of Maui. This is very important to me as my goal is to provide a very special souvenir of Maui for you to bring home or share as a gift with family and friends.

I truly hope you enjoy the result.

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